Our Story

Michael Eisenberg is passionate about creating jobs for Israel and for encouraging the development of a healthy tech ecosystem. In addition to his role as a founding Partner at Aleph VC and a philanthropist, he founded the Nevo Network to create multipliers of impact from top-talent olim who are already employed in Israel. Nevo was the brainchild of Michael and Nevo’s founding Executive Director, Abbey Onn. Together, with the help of Roni Amitai Raz, they crafted a professional development fellowship that answers what happens after aliyah becomes citizenship. How do olim move from one job to the next? How do they build a deep network of Israelis? How do they prepare to grow from individual contributors to the founders and leaders of Israel’s next start-ups?

Nevo values individual development, community engagement and ecosystem integration. By building a cohort of high potential olim, Nevo offers each cohort a chance to develop themselves, expand their network and give back to their new home. Nevo focuses on interactive workshops, intimate conversations with top leaders, mentoring, and personal development projects. We chose our first cohort in June 2020 and their journey is already off to an amazing start.

Our goal is to grow the Nevo community and run multiple cohorts each year. The Nevo alumni experience will turn fellows in mentors, offer additional professional development experiences and support for group-led ventures. By 2023, we expect 250 alumni to be active in Israel and reaching across the diaspora to encourage aliyah.

Michael Eisenberg

Michael Eisenberg is an Equal Partner at Aleph, an early stage venture capital fund with over$330M under management. Aleph focuses on partnering with great Israeli entrepreneurs to build large, meaningful companies and impactful global brands. Since its founding in 2013, Aleph has invested in more than 25 companies including WeWork, Lemonade, Windward, JoyTunes,Healthy.io and Nexar.

Prior to Aleph, Michael was a General Partner at Benchmark Capital, which he joined in July2005, and where he continues as the partner responsible for Benchmark’s Israeli portfolio. Michael has focused on internet and software-enabled service investments since 1995. He has invested in and served on the boards of some of Israel’s leading companies and startups, such as Conduit, Gigya, Picturevison (acquired: EK), SeekingAlpha, Shopping.com (Nasdaq: SHOP,acquired: EBAY), Tradeum (acquired: VERT), and Wix (Nasdaq: WIX).

Since 2006, Michael has been writing the blog “Six Kids and a Full Time Job,” on topics ranging from politics to technology, Judaism and macroeconomics. He was a contributor to TheMarker, aHebrew-language daily business newspaper, and is the author of the “Hummus Manifesto,” the seminal piece on Israel’s innovation scene. Michael has also published three books, TheVanishing Jew, Ben Barukh, and The Tree of Life and Prosperity, and lectures frequently on venture capital, Israel and entrepreneurship. He serves on the boards of the non-profitorganizations The Shomer Hachadash and Yeshivat Har Etzion. Michael lives in Jerusalem with his wife and eight children.

Abbey Onn
Executive Director

Abbey moved to Israel with her family in 2015. She spent four years as the CEO of InsideIL, a platform that connected MBAs with internships in Israel.

Before the move, she worked for the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard’s Kennedy School, directing their leadership development efforts and the Wexner Israel Fellowship program. Abbey also served as the Asst. Director both for Recruiting and Selection and for Academic Programs for the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program at Duke and UNC in North Carolina. She spent six years working for Hillel International, heading a program that brought 3,000 students to rebuild the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina.

Abbey lives in Herzliya with her family.

Roni Amitai-Raz
Leadership Development Consultant

After serving as the Israeli Emissary representing the Jewish Agency in Charlotte, North Carolina. Roni continued her work with world Jewry as a Program Manager for several ‘Masa Journey’ programs. Roni’s previous role, before joining the Nevo Network, was the Director of Education and Training at Israel Tech Challenge (ITC), managing career growth for hundreds of young olim in the Israeli high-tech ecosystem. Skilled in building and managing multidisciplinary teams, designing training , and driving forward scalable change, Roni is especially passionate about cultivating tech talent and enhancing professional impact. Roni holds a B.S.W in Community Social Work from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and an M.B.A in Social Leadership from Ben Gurion University and the Mandel Foundation.