What Cleopatra Taught Us About Journalism


By: Max Kane Last week, it was announced that Israeli actress Gal Gadot was cast to play Cleopatra in a new film about the Egyptian queen’s life. As wonderful as this news is for Israel, Gal Gadot and fans of quality films, that’s not what I’m writing about. Soon after the announcement, articles started surfacing claiming Gadot was “receiving backlash” for being cast as the Egyptian Queen. After all, she’s Israeli and not Egyptian. I won’t comment on which actors should be cast for which roles; that’s a topic for another post, and one I’ll hopefully never write. I want [...]

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Yes, and


By: Kevin Hanna “Yes, and” is the first rule. That’s what I learned from Yonatan Gruber, in his online improv workshop last week. I had never done improv before; nothing to do with my tendency to plan for everything 😅 Anyway, “yes and” is a powerful tool. On stage, you must accept whatever the other performers say. You follow the flow by adding ON TOP, and you can’t negate their narrative. It means you must LISTEN and hold your impulsive self that contradicts. Crazy right? 😁 You adapt, and build on top of others’ ideas. Trying to avoid a cliché [...]

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