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Meet the 2020 Fellows

Eden Adler
Backend Engineer (Lemonade)

Eden is a challenge seeker and creative problem solver. She studied Neuroscience at the University of Michigan, and works as a backend engineer at Lemonade. Outside of work, Eden is passionate about creating communities and getting more women into technical careers. She is one of the team members behind Women of Startup Nation, is a board member of Olim in Tech, and also runs What the Tech (@_whatthetech) on Instagram.

Daniel Bollag
Product Manager (XR Health)

Daniel moved to Israel in 2015 following his studies in Biomedical engineering at Imperial College in London.
He is passionate about product & strategy where previously worked at PayPal and WeWork and currently a product manager at XR Health working on building a telehealth platform.
Hosting Shabbat dinners, swimming, biking and family keep him busy and happy the rest of the time.

Avi Cabessa
Product Manager (eToro)

Avi studied computer science at Brooklyn College where he started freelance development and a few years later founded BH Labs, a web & app development agency. He then continued to study Business Administration & Finance at IDC Herzliya, and where he discovered product management and has been in love with it ever since. Currently, when not managing products at eToro, Avi can can be found enjoying the beach, at the gym, playing some sort of musical instrument, or just enjoying the wonderful life Tel Aviv has to offer.

Lia Cromwell
Principal (UpWest)

Lia is a Principal at UpWest, a cross-border VC fund investing at the US-Israel tech junction. She joined the fund in 2017 and focuses on Pre-Seed and Seed investments. A native New Yorker, Lia previously worked in credit research at a boutique New York-based firm, as well as in business development at FiscalNote, a global regtech startup. Outside the office, Lia is an avid reader who spends her time between cafes, (zoom) yoga class, and running on the tayelet.

Hannah Danan Moise
Data Scientist (Windward)

Hannah studied Data Analytics in France, and pursued her studies after her Aliyah to strengthen her engineering background. Since then, she has been working as a Data Scientist at Windward, focusing on solving problems in the maritime domain while being strongly connected to the business aspects. In her free time, Hannah loves cooking, training, and watching series (mostly documentaries)

Ezra Erani
Android Developer (ironSource)

Ezra is passionate project-starter and skills-acquirer who loves nothing more than flirting with a new language (human or machine, he doesn’t discriminate). After studying Middle Eastern Studies and working briefly as a toy salesman, Ezra took a crash-course in mobile development with a focus on Android and has since been working professionally on atypical Android projects. In his free time Ezra loves playing music, likes to sew and occasionally forces himself to go for a run.

Adir Gozlan
Data Scientist (Cato Networks)

Adir is a French national who studied Applied Physics at Yeshiva University & Columbia University in NY. After a short period applying his physics skills in the industry, he moved towards Machine Learning and Data Science and has worked at Akamai Technologies and Cato Networks where he applied these capabilities to the cybersecurity domain. He is also fascinated by the application of such technologies to “”forgotten”” industries.
When not working, Adir is into sailing, playing tennis, building stuff, and always likes starting new hobbies.

Kevin J. Hanna
Product Manager (

You can usually find Kevin creating new things at work or as a hobby. He graduated as a Software Engineer, joined a couple of startups as the first employee, and later became a Product Manager. Kevin co-hosts Hummus and Tech, a Podcast for Olim in the Israeli hi-tech industry, runs, paints watercolours, and writes about his creative journey on

Max Kane
Product Manager (Lemonade)

Max grew up in New York and lived there until he moved to Israel at the age of 18. He served in the Golani brigade, first as a soldier, then a commander. After discharging, Max founded his first company OFFr, with the mission of helping people become less distracted in their every day lives. He built OFFr while completing his bachelors degree at Reichman University in Herzeliya where he also participated in the Zell Entrepreneurship Program. After graduating, Max went on to work in Product Management at companies like Wix and Lemonade. Max is also an avid runner, occasional writer and serious snowboard bum.

Taly Kisel
Technical Support Engineer (Camilyo)

For over 5 years, Taly has been a leader in the e-business industry. You may know her for her work as Project Manager at Pepperi, she has also worked at Fornova as an Application Engineer. Most recently she joined Camilyo as a Technical Support Engineer. Taly has been honored with scholarships to pursue her studies. She currently holds an MsC in Advanced Computer Science (Data Analytics) from University of Leeds and a BEng in Systems Engineering and IT from Universidad Anahuac.

Josh Lewittes
Machine Learning Engineer (Gloat)

Josh is originally from New York and made Aliyah 4 years ago. He currently lives in Tel Aviv and works as a Machine Learning Engineer at Gloat.

Josh has a BA in Economics from Johns Hopkins University and after working for two years on Wall Street decided to transition into software development.

In his free time Josh can be found running on the boardwalk by the beach and trying out new Jamie Oliver recipes.

Matan Markind
Software Engineer (Google)

Matan works at Google working as part of the Cloud team to help develop computer network. He studied Mechanical Engineering at Columbia University and came to Israel on ITC to learn programming. He moved to Israel 5 years ago and just got married. Matan likes going outside and doing activities, playing sports or just going for a hike, and also reading fiction.

Eli Parkes
Physical Design (Chip) Engineer (Apple)

Eli is an aspiring generalist. He loves the thrill of going deep on a problem, but his curiosity (and reading list) extends broadly in multiple directions. An electrical and computer systems engineer by training, Eli presently works at Apple designing custom silicon microchips. When not working, or reading, he likes to write, scuba-dive, and cook tasty meals for his friends.

Javi Plavnick
Solutions Architect (Bringg)

Javi is passionate about solving problems using technology. He was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina and made Aliyah in 2015. Technically-savvy, Javier is an information systems engineer and has been developing software and consulting on business-intelligence and logistic solutions for 10+ years. He’s worked with both multi-national companies and start-ups. Javi loves learning new things, and feeding his friends with home-made meals on the Sabbath.

Jon Rathauser
Founder & CEO (Keheala)

Jon Rathauser is the CEO & Founder of a digital health company, Keheala. Previously, Jon addressed healthcare clients’ toughest business challenges at Deloitte Analytics and pursued his interests in renewable energy at the Weizmann Institute. He earned an MBA from the Technion and a Bachelors of Science in the Ecological Determinants of Health from McGill. As a competitor, Jon captained McGill to a lacrosse National Championship, the Israeli National Team to Silver in the European Championships and seventh-place finishes in two World Championships.

Adi Rosen
Software Engineer (Nexar)

Adi studied computer science at the University of Pennsylvania. She has worked at Checkpoint, BlackRock, and is currently a Software Engineer at Nexar, a startup working to create the world’s first safe-driving network. She loves running, her family and friends, is an aspiring yogi, and is grateful to have made Israel and technology central parts of her life.

Dan Schwartz
Machine Learning Engineer (Immunai)

Dan is passionate about the intersection of technology and its ability to solve hard real-world problems. He studied Human Biology at Stanford University and has worked at Palantir, Udacity, Mobileye, and most recently joined the biotechnology startup Immunai as a Machine Learning Engineer, focused on using AI techniques to understand the immune system and improve health outcomes. In his free time, Dan loves outdoor sports (a former competitive tennis player and current triathlete), reading (especially history), and hosting dinners.

Esther Teplitsky
Product Data Lead (JoyTunes)

Esther is passionate about all things data. She studied Economics at UC Berkeley and has since worked in various analytics roles in advertising, e-commerce, consulting, and internet companies. In her free time, Esther can usually be found playing beach volleyball and enjoying the Mediterranean Sea.

Sheina Tolmas
DevOps Engineer (Checkpoint)

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Sheina moved to Israel 5 years ago. After serving in the Givati brigade, she set her sights on hi-tech and completed the ITC programming bootcamp. She now works to “keep the lights on” as one of Checkpoint’s most tenacious DevOps engineers. Sheina is an avid exerciser and reader, and can dribble circles around almost anybody.

Avital Tzubeli
Regional Developer Advocate (Vonage)

Avital Tzubeli is a passionate storyteller and technical storytelling coach. She believes that any boring content can be turned into a magical fairytale. Avital began telling stories in NYC, and has since spoken on stages in Stockholm, Dublin, Tokyo, Brussels, and throughout the USA. A software engineer turned developer advocate, currently at Vonage, Avital empowers developers to build epic stories and share them with the world. And when she’s ready to take a break from talking, Avital loves telling stories with food, fresh and locally sourced, in her happy-place-kitchen in Jaffa, Tel Aviv.

Allie Vogel
Product Designer (Microsoft)

Starting her career in Silicon Valley and now living in Tel Aviv, Allie has designed products for LinkedIn, WalkMe,, and now Microsoft. Studying Sociology, Design, and Business at the University of California, San Diego, she is currently completing her Master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction at IDC Hertzylia. Her professional passions lie at the intersection of design and human behavior. When not designing products, you can find her in the sea: surfing, running a coding program for refugees or building various art projects.

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